Artificial Intelligence for Transportation Logistics
Harness your data to maximize revenue
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Forecast Demand

We’ll help you leverage historical and external data to make better demand predictions, so you know how many vehicles to commission each day.

Optimize Schedule

Our algorithms predict how demand will change throughout the day, weigh all your constraints, and compute your optimal schedule in seconds.

Optimize Routes

By analyzing where people are traveling from and incorporating traffic patterns, we can adjust your stop locations and routes to get everyone there faster and cheaper.

Dynamic Pricing

Our software helps you adjust prices in real-time by looking at market conditions, how fast you are selling, competitor's prices, and how much time you have left to sell out.

Dollars lost because revenue managers still make key operational decisions by hand.

Estimated increase in gross profit thanks to BusBot AI platform.

Reduction in time to build schedules, plan routes, and manage prices.

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