Artificial Intelligence for Intercity Bus Operations
Harness your data to maximize ticket sales
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How can BusBot help you?

Our algorithms increase profits by demystifying three key operational decisions.


It’s hard forecasting demand using only your own experience and intuition, but even small miscalculations can be costly. Schedule too many buses, and you’ll actively burn money; schedule too few, and you’ll leave all your profits on the table. This decision alone could be impacting your profits by 30-50%.

We’ll help you leverage your own historical data as well as external data to make better demand predictions, so you know exactly how many buses to charter on any given day.

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BusBot's Competitive Intelligence chart for visualizing bus schedules and prices


Peak demand times will vary day by day, but your schedules also need to account for other factors, such as when your competitors are running trips, how much it costs to do a one-way or roundtrip, how much traffic you expect to hit, and when you’ll have staff and drivers available. You can rack your brain thinking about this all day, but we have a better solution.

Using technology based on the revenue management techniques developed by the world’s leading airlines and hotels, our algorithms predict how demand will change throughout the day, weigh all your constraints, and compute your optimal schedule in seconds.


There’s no doubt that dynamic pricing increases profits. Airlines, hotels, and new companies like Uber are already taking advantage of this. If you’ve yet to take the leap, we’ll help you get started without upsetting your customer base. And if you already use dynamic pricing, we’ll help you take it to the next level.

Adjusting prices manually or based on fixed price-escalation schedules is inefficient and suboptimal. Our software helps you adjust prices in real-time by looking at current market conditions, how fast your tickets are selling, what prices your competitors are charging, and how much time you have left to sell out. And our algorithm gets better with time by learning from the impacts of its own recommendations.

Dynamic pricing graphic of demand, availabilty, and competitors

Press Mentions

"Drawing upon the statistical methods used for airline scheduling and pricing, BusBot helps bus companies 'leverage [their] own historical data as well as external data to make better demand predictions'—something smaller bus lines have not been able to do."

"Find a serious, painful, recurring and expensive problem and build a business to solve it. Here, it’s profitability of the bus operator, a systemic global problem."

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