Meet the Team

We've been close business partners and even closer friends for years. We have launched several startups together, but our sole focus and passion right now is building BusBot. The intercity bus industry holds special importance to us because as avid riders ourselves, we see the benefits of the flexibility these bus operators provide and want to help enhance their process. Our vision is to revolutionize the operations of the intercity bus industry through unparalleled efficiency, while also producing returns that are profitable and sustainable.

Bharath Krishnamoorthy BusBot CEO

Bharath Krishnamoorthy


As CEO, Bharath applies his entrepreneurial intuition and enterprising spirit to oversee company sales, fundraising, and business expansion. He previously worked as a Mergers & Acquisitions and Investment Funds lawyer at one of the top 10 firms in the world. Bharath led business development for a real estate investment firm, and graduated with honors from both Columbia Law School and James Madison University.

Shawn Vo BusBot CTO

Shawn Vo


As CTO, Shawn directs BusBot's technology strategy and develops the products that make up the company's services. Additionally, Shawn is no stranger to working with the data science inherent to BusBot. He previously worked for two other data analytics startups: one that was acquired for over $1B and another where he reported directly to the CTO. Shawn graduated from the University of Virginia with two majors and three concentrations.

Press Mentions

"Drawing upon the statistical methods used for airline scheduling and pricing, BusBot helps bus companies 'leverage [their] own historical data as well as external data to make better demand predictions'—something smaller bus lines have not been able to do."

"Find a serious, painful, recurring and expensive problem and build a business to solve it. Here, it’s profitability of the bus operator, a systemic global problem."